I Dwell Beneath

by I Dwell Beneath

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Nani Popper!
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Skylar Dryden
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Skylar Dryden This is one of those albums that I bought immediately within the first five seconds of listening. A crushing album that already makes 2017 worth it Favorite track: Parasitic Necrophilia.
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Euclid Prepare yourself; chipped teeth, whiplash, blindness, and cracked vertebrae may all be symptoms of listening to this album. Further research still pending Favorite track: Salvation Contraceptive.
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OpenMindArt Crazy guitar effects coupled with grizzly vocals = one hell of a heavy album to kick off the new year! Favorite track: Salvation Contraceptive.
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released January 2, 2017



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I Dwell Beneath New Hampshire

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Track Name: Charlatan Encounter
Running in fear, lost in time
My mind can't seem to unwind
Tears of depression, motives of hate
Proceeding into the darkness with this mental state
Lurking in the shadows these figures I see
Finally the conclusion sets in
To devour the past of my fathers sin
Is this for certain my destiny
Show your forsaken identity
I am the one who dwells beneath
The time has come to dwell beneath
Let the hatred envelop you
Open the portals of altered dimensions
Posses the weak willowed mind
Track Name: Parasitic Necrophilia
I am the shepherd of creation
Exhibition of the luminary source
Visualized through polished ripples of blood
Devouring the light of every faith embedded man
Witness death for I am eternal
The fear ignites to guide you to damnation
You will be the nest to birth violent creation
Lubricate my madness with placenta of
your trifling birth
To quench my thirst a slight incision must be made
Delightful alter I have placed inside for you to stay
I'll plant this seed into your corpse for death has brought me life.
Track Name: Salvation Contraceptive
God, where is your compassion?
We need you now
Destruction, the ultimate conclusion
Surrounded by darkness, evil lurks within the shadows
Pitch black, the world turns pitch black
Staring into the never ending abyss
When did life come to this?
This is our last breath
Virulent air contaminating the lungs, the kiss of death
Where is your savior?
Bow before the prince of darkness
Where is your savior?
Bow before the prince of darkness
False religion, Anti-Christian
No more hope
On my knees praying for salvation
Christ almighty give us strength
Track Name: Cannibal
Flesh awaits for me, flesh awaits for me.
The thought of tasting human skin sends me chills down my spine.
I'll poor a cup of blood and drink it like wine. Dehydrated and searching for more.
This life of mine thrives for Blood and Gore.
Excited I am and with these hands, I'll demolish any being.
Feasting on their soul. Eternal damnation, send them straight to hell.
Target on site, eyes set to kill.
Patience drives me thin, I must kill!
Teeth digging into the jugular.
Calling for help, "God save me now"
Blood splashing on my face. Vile disgrace, You're worthless.
Squirming like a fucking worm.
Nails digging in skin deep. Ripping apart everything from head to feet.
Success never tasted this good.
On top of the world with a grin on my face.
Who's next? Who's fucking next?!